How to accept crypto on Shopify with Coinbase Commerce


Coinbase has made a huge announcement couple of weeks ago. They launched an integration between Shopify and a new service called Coinbase Commerce.

This is great because for the first time Shopify merchants can be accept Ethereum (ETH) on their stores. Coinbase also support Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Until the writing of this article, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) option is not showed on the Shopify admin but is supported on the Coinbase Commerce payment screen.

The possibilities are infinites, Shopify has the bigger app store on the e-commerce space and now Shopify Merchants will be able to create even an Progressive Web App that’s accept Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin (see an example).


Some users on this Reddit post are claming that they are already using this feature and are gettting the follow results (that’s not include Shopify fees):

Bitcoin Order: 0.00393775 BTC (0.0025277 Fee) = 6.42{0c9eaed65e39ec280a4f7a28d16f27c0a279cd1ff8c940ccbc196d3de05b887b}

Ethereum Order: 0.067639 ETH (0.00021 Fee) = 0.31{0c9eaed65e39ec280a4f7a28d16f27c0a279cd1ff8c940ccbc196d3de05b887b}

How to enable Coinbase Commerce on Shopify

Before you activate CoinBase on Shopify, you need to apply for a Coinbase account at the Coinbase Commerce website. You will begin receiving regular payouts from Coinbase when your account has been authorized.

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Payment providers.
  2. In the Alternative Payments section, click Select additional payment method.
  3. Click Coinbase Commerce:
  4. Enter your Coinbase Commerce Email and Coinbase Commerce API Key.
  5. Click Save.


This is a big move for Coinbase, extending its offering. Also the integration with Shopify is quite easy has usual. If you’re not an Shopify Merchant, take a look at the pricing and start to accept Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin today on your store.

Original article  by Marcos Baldessari

This post was curated with edits by Gordon Fletcher, Principal Consultant(Engineering & Mobile Technology) at Compumagick Associates can be reached at, @compumagick