Markets We Serve.

Market Growth

Healthcare: Independent Dental Practices

Even though your monthly revenue was either increasing or was in the positive territory. A yearly review of your independent dental practice finances reveal that you had only about 25% profit margin for the year under review.

Virtual Tours: 3D High-Resolution Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are designed to allow your customers and clients to step inside your business from any device.
Not only virtual tours will visually engage your potential clients or customers, but it will give them the ability to get a much better idea of what you do, and what you are able to offer as a business.

What businesses need virtual tours?
3D House Tours.
Dental Offices.
Hotels & Hospitality.
Luxury Real Estate.
New Construction.
Residential Real Estate.
Treatment Centers.
Schools and Colleges.
Nursing and Retirement homes.
Tourist attractions.


Beauty and Fashion Brands.

As as small beauty or fashion brand a 30,60 or 90 day periodic review of your marketing and ad spend reveals not only is sales down particularly online thus affecting overall revenue and profitability.

1. Increase repeated or frequent purchases from your customers.
2. Increase average order value from purchases.
3. Personalize the online shopping experience by meeting the customers where they are on their customer journey with your brand.
4. Through the use of a robust proprietary marketing and analytics solution for your marketing, advertising and influencer campaigns for these platforms — YouTube Videos, TikTok Videos, Instagram, Facebook, Microsoft Advertising and Twitter.
5. Reduce cart abandonment and human support or involvement by using an AI powered conversational chatbot.
6. Use video testimonial and review to make existing or prospective customers part of your brand story.

Small beauty and fashion brand revenue generating service – END MY CONTENT PERSONALIZATION HASSLES NOW
Small beauty and fashion brand revenue generating service – SHOW ME MY MARKETING ANALYTICS NOW


A review of your e-commerce business’s sales figures and other KPI indicate you didn’t hit the revenue and profitability that you desired.

Healthcare: Nursing and Retirement Homes

Your nursing home or retirement home could be well-oiled engine revenue and profit generating using automation and a different approach to increase your leads and move-ins.

Our done for you monthly nursing and retirement home revenue and profit generating service would address these problems and put your back in control of your overheads. Bringing consistency in efforts and results across your portfolios as a result.

Monthly Nursing/Retirement Home Revenue Service – END MY NURSING & RETIREMENT REVENUE HASSLES

AI Conversational Chatbot Development

Your business could use an AI conversational chatbot to accomplish the among others the following:
1. Reduce staff including Front end, support and customer service.
2. Booking appointments and automatic follow ups.
3. Communicating with customers or clients.
4. Free up staff from doing routine tasks like answering frequently questions regarding tracking orders and payments in real time.
5. Show products and services and making recommendations.
6. Starting conversations doing initial screening and allowing a sales agent to take over at anytime.
7. Reducing advertising cost by sending leads to chatbots instead of landing pages for high conversion rates.

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Marketing Analytics and Reporting

While it’s a good practice for any business to gather relevant data,the ability to analyze that data, glean meaningful insights and turn them into actionable steps is very important.
Many businesses may not have in-house expertise to perform these analyses and come out reports and dashboards. That’s needed by key decision-makers for making timely data-based decisions for that business.
Our done for you marketing analytics and reporting service.
Which includes the following:
PPC Budget Audit
Ad Placement Audit
Budget Monitoring
Anomalies Detection
KPI Management

Helps you fill this gap without having full time staff for this critical business function.

No Contract Monthly marketing analytics and reporting service- SHOW ME MY MARKETING ANALYTICS NOW

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Business intelligence and data analytics are critical components for today’s businesses. However, this requires a high degree of expertise formulate and implement. That may not be available for some of these business entities.
Our done for you business data analytics service.

Which includes the following:
Business Intelligence.
Data Management.
Custom Data Analysis,Reporting and Dashboards.
Data Science Consulting.
AI Automation and Workflows.
No Contract Monthly Business Data Analytics Service helps you meet this need without having in -house staff and the cost that goes with it.

Universities & Colleges Personalized Web & Virtual Campus Tours

Lecturers and students. Tutors and parents. Do you know who’s visiting your website? This is important because the more observant you are, the easier it will be to make new student enrollment conversions from anonymous traffic, in addition to nurturing relationships with your existing students,parents and guardians,other partners and stakeholders.

Deliver a customized experience for every visitor segment. Display course content or new lessons for students, deliver useful materials for teachers, keep parents in the know by demonstrating that you’re taking their feedback into consideration through the use of surveys.

By personalizing the way visitors interact with your website, you can make each segment feel right at home when they have questions and are unsure of which route to take.
Our done for you web,content personalization and interactive virtual campus tours service.
Which includes the following:
Website Audit
Personalized content for audience segments
Interactive Virtual Campus Tours
Marketing Analytics & Reporting
Conversastional AI Chatbots for student support and other campus services
Reviews and Reputation Management

Helps you fill this gap without having full time staff for this critical business function.
No Contract monthly web,content personalization and virtual tours service- END MY WEB PERSONALIZATION & VIRTUAL TOUR HASSLES NOW

Public & Private Utility Companies

Customers want your service, but your service can’t say yes. This is because too many customers are calling and emailing about the same question, and your customer support team can’t answer them all.

You know that this channel is critical for getting more sales and growing your business, but you don’t want to hire more customer care agents or create complicated phone trees that will just frustrate people even more. Introducing Conversational AI automation chatbot can provide better customer experience across all channels, including the self-service channel. The chatbots will help you automate a lot of work without hiring a new person or creating a complex phone tree
Many businesses are stuck with outdated, traditional customer service systems. It’s expensive to maintain, it’s slow to update, and it doesn’t integrate very well with mobile or web applications. Conversational AI automation is the most exciting technological innovation in customer service. It enables customer care reps to quickly provide the best service experience online, and also save time by offloading repetitive tasks like data entry and troubleshooting.

Contact Compumagick Associates for more information on how you can save money and grow your business with this game-changing technology. Compumagickbot is an AI-powered conversational chatbot that offers customer care reps an easy way to provide personalized support online and offline. Our done for you utilities revenue maximizer service.

Which includes the following:
Website Audit.
Business Intelligence.
Content Personalization.
Marketing Analytics
Custom Data Analysis & Reporting.
Conversational AI Chatbots for Customer Support.
Conversational AI Chatbots for Call Centers
No Contract Monthly utilities revenue maximizer Service helps you meet this need without having in -house staff and the cost that goes with it.

Benefit 1

Increase revenue by about 40% within 3-6 months of hire.

Benefit 2

Reduce operating cost by at least 30%.

Benefit 3

Attract new clients and help maintain existing ones by building brand loyalty.

Benefit 4

Focus on results or outcomes and not inputs.

Among others you will derive the above-mentioned benefits from the solution. Without which you wouldn’t get 30-40% increase in revenue, the profit margins they desire and a stress-free life style that allows more time to be spent with your loved ones.

Why we are different?

Our solution adopts a dynamic approach to marketing. Just imagine, an active solution that learns, responds and adjusts to each user, honing its message and changing as the business changes.

We provide a customized digital and social media marketing solution that includes web personalization and 3D virtual tours to these markets Fashion,Beauty Clothing & Accessories Companies,healthcare providers, shopify store owners,retail companies,Universities & Colleges, Public and Private Utility Companies. Unlike other companies we focus on these and provide them with a customized digital and business solution that let them get at least 30-40% increase in revenue within 3-6 months of hire and make expensive business problems go away or get solved.