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    12 Facebook Ad Mistakes To Avoid.

  • Run Ad campaigns based off of CPC(Cost per Click) and CPL(Cost per Lead)Only.
  • Mostly just looking at how much money you spent and the leads got in return for a specific period of time.
  • Not knowing if your campaigns are profitable or not.
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    3 Tips On Increasing Local Businesses Revenue.

    The revenue of a business may be tied to sales.

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    Facebook & Snapchat For Local Businesses.

    Since its inception, social media has been a game-changer for many businesses across the globe.

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    4 Top Questions Asked By Patients.

    The top 4 questions asked by potential patients when looking for a Provider are as follows:

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    Reasons A Dentist Need Mobile Web Presence.

    The need to have a mobile strategy or presence is a must for every business today irrespective of size, this includes professional, medical and dental practices.

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    Dental Practice- Mobile Site or App?

    Many dentists and dental practices for that matter are trying to answer this question either alone or with the help of a technology solution provider like a webmaster.

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